How To Build A Sense Of Belonging on Zoom

What is Belonging?

Is It More Difficult To Build Belonging Over Zoom?

  • Zoom allows you to turn your camera and microphone off at any time. If most members chose to do this during a meet up, it will make it difficult to connect with others and feel accepted by the room.
  • A total contrast of that is for too many members to speak at the same time, making it difficult to hear each person, and again, leaving members feeling ‘unheard’ or ‘unaccepted’.
  • Don’t let this discourage you — building belonging over Zoom is possible, but it requires structure, planning and consistency.

8 Steps To Build Belonging Over Zoom

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  1. Have a group leader or moderator
  • Is there a character you related to in the book, and why?
  • Is there a part of the book that’s similar to something you’ve experienced in your life?
  • Would you change the ending, and why?
  • Which character did you empathise most with?
  • Repeat attendance
  • The life time value of a member
  • A 0–10 belonging poll you can launch at the end of the event with questions like: to what extent do you feel like you belong in this community? How well connected do you feel to the community? Do you feel accepted by this community?

What’s The Bigger Impact of Building Belonging Over Zoom?



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