How to go from 0 to $2k per month with Finimize referrals

3 min readJun 15, 2022


Author: Fiona Chapman, Finimize Premium Community Manager & Mental Health Champion

Money can feel like a taboo topic with your friends, and family and even more so with your colleagues. What if we told you that referring friends to Finimize can not only earn you passive income but help build the financial literacy of an entire generation? For each successful referral, we’ll give you $30 to add to your Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E) fund 📈.

In addition, we have some giveaways

🧦 1 referral: Finimize socks or T-shirt

🏄 2–5 referrals: Added to the monthly raffle for AirPod and referral leadership board

🧠 5–10 referrals: Exclusive access to Finimize Analyst workshop

💸 10+ referrals: All of the above + your next year of Finimize free

Here’s our guide to maximising your Finimize referral count

🤔 Where is my referral code?

Open the Finimize app, on top of the ‘For You’ page, you’ll see a blue gift icon in the top right corner. Click on the icon to get your unique referral code.

💬 Share via WhatsApp, Messenger or your favourite messaging app

If your group chats are anything like mine, they are full of memes, life updates and will-this-ever-happen plans. But there’s no other place your friends and family stay in touch as often. Use your group chats to share your referral code and answer any questions they may have in bulk. I recommend starting with a funny meme or attention-grabbing statement so it doesn’t get lost in the ongoing chat. Don't forget to follow up individually too, even your most financially savvy friend might need a nudge over the starting line when it comes to investing.

🤝 Bring a friend to a free Finimize event

The Finimize Community hosts an event almost every single day. Bring a friend along to one of these 1 talks, to educate them on topics ranging from inflation to NFTs. They can discover how cool our community of modern investors are.

💸 Add your referral code to your social media profile

Whether it’s your Twitter bio, Instagram highlights or LinkedIn “about me” — get your social media to do the hard work for you by being a money-making link on your profile. See my Twitter profile 👇

🎧 Share your daily Finimize routine

Listen to the daily brief whilst brushing your teeth, or catch up on analyst insights on your commute? Finimize was designed to fit into your daily routine, by providing you with all the information you need to make smarter investment decisions, in under 10 minutes a day. Share with your friends how you use Finimize each day.

💸 Explain the difference between saving vs investing

Everyone from our parents to the media tells us to save, save, save. But what really happens when you accumulate savings? Investing is the real way to combat inflation, build wealth and have enough money to retire early.

🙆‍♀️ Impress your colleagues

Has the water-cooler chat been a bit dry lately? If you start talking about the coolest NFT project around, the impact of the Fed on interest rates or how Warren Buffet made his most recent $1b — your colleagues are bound to be impressed. Then let them into the secret that you learned it all in just 10 minutes a day with this app called Finimize.