Introducing “Markets”: a smarter way to analyze stocks on the go.

3 min readAug 24, 2022


Our mission at Finimize is to empower you to become a smarter investor. Today, we’re rolling out a new way to do just that.

Introducing… Markets.

You know you can always count on Finimize to give you concise and thoughtful investing ideas, but now you can rely on us for the next step of your journey too. Markets is here, so now you can research and analyze stocks all within your Finimize app.

Here’s how it works: our analysts have picked out the most important metrics that are crucial to a solid investing process, including stock valuations, fundamentals, and sentiment data. You’ll see a jargon-free explanation of what each metric is and why you should care about it, and then you can use that bank of data to assess whether a company is cheap or expensive, high or low risk, and good or bad quality.

And because the stats are all powered by data giant FactSet, you can trust that you have unlimited access to the same quality data financial professionals use on a daily basis.

Level up your decision making…

If you want an accurate snapshot of how a stock is doing, you’ll currently have to spend hours finding a company’s financial data, making sense of an overwhelming amount of figures and stats, and trying to extract all the important bits all while busting through enough jargon to fill a financial trader’s dictionary.

Not anymore. Markets will show you all the most important metrics at a glance, so you can weigh up your options confidently and quickly. Here’s one example: you might think a price chart going down means the stock is trading for cheap, but you’d actually need to compare its “PE Ratio” — the ratio of its stock price versus its earnings per share — to other similar companies to know that for sure. The Markets tab shows you all those stats and more for a whole host of top-performing companies.

Why we built Markets…

Markets is designed to improve our community’s investing process. Here’s how Finimizers currently make decisions:

  • 80% said they discover investing ideas from reading the news.
  • 50% rely on Google results during their investing process.
  • Their main goal is to develop a more structured approach to investing.

Our members told us that “doing their own research” often means spending ten minutes trawling through Google results and Yahoo Finance pages, scanning social media, and consulting a few friends in the know through WhatsApp chats. They’re getting information, sure, but they’re missing the key insights they need to really feel confident when they trade.

But with Markets, you can now access quality, digestible information quickly, so you feel empowered to make more informed decisions with your money.

“We want Finimize to become the most convenient way ever to discover, discuss, and research investing. This is only the start.” – Max Rofagha, CEO Finimize.

What’s next…

Markets is now in public beta for all members of Finimize Premium. You can currently view curated metrics for top US stocks, and you’ll start to see more global stocks, ETFs, and crypto as we get feedback from our community.

As always, we’d like to thank the passionate Finimize Community for all your help. We couldn’t have built this without you.