Wealthyhood partners with Finimize to educate long-term investors

2 min readJun 10, 2022


Author: Alex Okorefe, Senior Partnerships Manager at Finimize. DM me or get in touch alex@finimize.com

Who is Wealthyhood?

Founded in 2021, Wealthyhood is the first DIY wealth-building app created with the beginner and long-term investor in mind. Its mission is to serve the 99% of potential investors who don’t have time for complicated trading apps. Through a balanced mix of personalization and automation, Wealthyhood supports first-time investors to navigate the stock markets and put their money to work for them.

What do we love about Wealthyhood ❤?

The best partnerships are where each side appreciates the other’s value. Wealthyhood founders, Alex and Kostas, are two early members of the Finimize community. Wealthyhood and Finimize share a deep understanding of modern investors: time-poor, action-driven professionals who want control over their finances. The Wealthyhood app is easy to use and focuses on educating investors to develop long-term wealth-building habits.

How is Finimize helping Wealthyhood?

We’ve teamed up with Weathyhood to create a number of premium bespoke guides to help their community become smarter investors. Guide topics include:

  • Investing basics
  • Save, invest or trade?
  • Building a perfectly balanced portfolio
  • Why invest in stocks, bonds, commodities & real estate and others.

These custom guides will appear directly on the Wealthyhood app to help their community gain confidence in managing their money. Wealthyhood is running a promotion to celebrate the partnership — see details here.

Keen on partnering with Finimize?

Finimize is a financial insights platform that supports the most engaged investor community in the world. We offer customer acquisition and retention solutions through promotional campaigns and our award-winning content. We’ve worked with more than 250 brands from fintech disruptors to traditional financial firms.

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